Open de Portugal / Cidade de Lisboa

         Lisbon - Portugal 2 a 9 de February 2019

The Portuguese Chess Federation will hold the Portugal Open between 02 and 09 February 2019 at the Sports Complex of Casal Vistoso (Lisbon). The tournament will held in a 9-round Swiss system, rated for FIDE ELO classic ranking, and valid for title norms. The tournament is included in the national Classical Chess Circuit. On 10 February, there will be an (optional) rapid tournament, included in the national Rapid Chess Circuit, and rated for FIDE ELO rapid rankings.

1) Place and scheduele
The event will be held at the Sports Complex of the Casal Vistoso, Rua João da Silva, 1900-098 Lisboa (GPS coordinates: 38.7428649,-9.1309739)




2 Feb. Saturday


Acreditation and opening ceremony

2 Feb. Saturday


1ª round

3 Feb. Sunday


2ª round

3 Feb. Sunday


3ª round

4 Feb. Monday


4ª round

5 Feb. Tuesday


5ª round

6 Feb. Wednesday


6ª round

7 Feb. Thrusday


7ª round

8 Feb. Friday


8ª round

9 Feb. Saturday


9ª round

9 Feb. Saturday


Closing cerimony

10 Feb. Sunday


“City of Lisbon” Rapid tournament

2. Playing system

The Portugal Open will be a 9-round Swiss System tournament; pairing program will be Swiss Manager. According to the number of participants, accelarated pairings may be used for

the first rounds. Each player shall have 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move from the first move. The tournament shall be rated for FIDE ELO ratings.

The game shall be forfeit if the player is not present 60 minutes after the time scheduled for the round start. Players who forfeit two games shall be excluded.

Each player (invited players excepted) may request two half-point byes in the first six rounds. These request shall be made in writing to the Tournament Director before the previous round finishes. Byes for the first two rounds may be requested by email before the tournament starts.

3. Tie-breaks

The following criteria shall be applied if two players finish with the same number of points.

  1. Direct encounter [11];
  2. Buchholz without worst result [37] (1,0,N,N,0,N);
  3. Buchholz [37] (0,0,N,N,0,N);
  4. Sonneborn-Berger [52] (0,0,N,N,0,N,N);
  5. Most victories [68];
  6. Most games as black [53];
  7. Random draw

 4. Entries

Players affiliated to the Portuguese Chess Federation shall send their entry through their clubs, using the FPX platform. Other players shall send their entries to Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar.

No entries shall be accepted after the maximum capacity of the playing venue is reached. The organization reserves the right to reject entries.Players must confirm their presence at the venue before 13h30 on February 2nd, or will not be paired in the first round.


Until 22/01/2019

Until 1/02/2019


40 €

45 €

Under 20 (born 1998 and after)
Seniors +65 (born 1953 and after)

25 €

30 €

GM and IM


40 €

5. Prizes

1 ST Place 2.500€
2 nd Place 1.600€
3 rd Place 1000€
4 th Place 800€
5 th Place 700€
6 th Place 600€
7 th Place 500€
8 th Place 400€
9 th Place 300€
11 st place 200€
12 th place 100€
13 th place 100€
14 th place 100€
15 th place 100€
16 th place 100€
17 th place 100€
1ST Place ELO U2200 90€
1ST Place ELO U2000 90€
1ST Place ELO U2000 90€
1ST Female Player 200€
2nd Female Player 150€
3rd Female Player 80€
1ST Senior +65 80€
1ST Senior + 50 80€
1ST Place U20 80€
1ST Place U18 80€
1ST Place U16 80€
1ST Place U14 80€
1ST Place U12 wooden board and chessmen
1ST Place U10 wooden board and chessmen
1ST Place U8 wooden board and chessmen

Each player has the right to one single prize

The Chief and Deputy Arbitrer shall be announced soon.

The President and remaining members of the Appeal Comittee shall be named before the tournament starts.


Appeals against decisions by the Chief Arbitrer shall be submited in writing to the President of the Appeal Comittee within one hour after the round finishes.

With the appeal shall be delivered to the President of the Appeal Comittee a bond of €100, which shall be returned if the appeal is accepted. Bonds for rejected appeals revert to the Portuguese Chess Federation.

All decisions of the Appeal Comittee are final.


The organization provides lodgement options for the period 2 to 10 February 2019.

Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. for questions or alternative options.

Residencial Lar do Areeiro
 Address: Praça Francisco Sá Carneiro, Nth4 r/c 1000-159 Lisboa - Portugal
 Breakfast included; free WiFi -
500 metros from the playing hall

 Price per person per night until 18 January

  • Single - 43 euros
  • Twin - 28 euros
  • Triple - 23 euros

 Price per person per night after 18 January

  •  Single - 45 euros
  •  Twin - 30 euros
  •  Triple - 23 euros

Hotel Roma

 Address: Av. de Roma 33, 1749-074 Lisboa
 Breakfast included; free WiFi
1,8 km from the playing hall (3 minutes by subway)

Price per person per night until 18 January

  • Single - 60euros
  • Twin - 39 euros
  • Triple - 37 euros

 Price per person per night after 18 January

  •  Single - 62 euros
  •  Twin - 41 euros
  •  Triple - 39 euros

Pousada da Juventude
Address: Rua de Moscavide 71, 1998-011 Lisboa
Breakfast included; free WiFi
1,8 km from the playing hall (3 minutes by subway)

Price per person per night until 18 January

  • Twin - 24 euros
  • Four Beds - 18 euros

 Price per person per night after 18 January

  • Twin - 26 euros
  •  Four Beds - 20 euros


Players in possession of an electronic equipment inside the playing hall shall lose their game. Mobile phones and other equipament may be left at the tournament reception.
We ask players to arrive on time so that entrance in the playing hall is not delayed.


All participants accept fully this regulations, and authorize the organization to use the stricly necessary personal data, as well as photos and videos where they may appear, for the management of tournament and its divulgation on the Internet and press.

The FIDE and FPX regulations shall apply to all cases not mentioned in this regulation. The Tournament Director shall use its best judgement for all cases that may persist.

NB: This text is a translation of the Portuguese version of the regulations, which is the single official one.